Secrets of Cint started with a thought. A vision and A dream. The foundation of Secrets of Cint is to embody my creativity by creating my own product that symbolizes family, self love, and culture. By teaching and encouraging my children the value of risk-taking which will help them become more confident, independent and to always follow their dreams and believe in themselves. Also to educate people about the incredible benefits of Secrets of Cint through the high-quality of oils & wax.  We strive to not only create room filled aromas that help you relax, reduce anxiety, feel most energetic, and put your mind in a more productive mood. The soothing effect that candles have are based on how the brain processes smells. The smell of a scented candle stimulates our limbic system which is a part of the brain that is home to our memory and emotions.
Is to elevate your candle experience by indulging in luxurious, unique and distinctive vessels to complete your home.