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Secrets of Cint



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Our 4oz. wooden wick Travel Tin soy candle is unforgettable . After Dark has a deep seductive, mesmerizing and sizzling vibe. Indulged in warm tones of sandalwood blend with hits of musk infused oak and spices. This candle brings a rich and smooth ambiance to any space 12oz full- option as well.

All of our soy candles are made with essential oils that are made with the highest quality ingredients and are Phthalate free, Toxin free, Cruelty free & Eco-friendly. Made with natural apricot coconut soy wax.

After you've finished burning your candle you can refurbish as part of your home decor.




Top note: Cypress + Vetiver

Middle note: Tobacco + Leaf

Base note: Sandalwood + Ambergris

Size: 4oz

Burn Time 24+ Hours

Care Instructions

Please click this link to be referred to our Candle Care page.

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